Marine Industry

Condition monitoring and the use of preventative maintenance techniques are becoming increasingly critical in the marine sector, as both vessel and port operators look for ways to improve levels of equipment productivity while reducing overall operating costs.

Key to this process is the use of vibration monitoring, using accelerometers or vibration transmitters to monitor the condition of a wide range of shore based and on-board equipment, including cargo pumps, turbochargers, Azipods, ventilation fans and, on cruise ships, building services systems.

Protecting fans, pumps and motors

All rotating parts of a fan, pump or motor can be monitored using accelerometers or vibration transmitters. The output from these devices can be connected to a local control panel, and thus back to a higher level control centralised system, or to a portable data collector. This enables the operating condition of, for example, a bearing, impeller or fan to be monitored either continuously or at pre-determined intervals.

Unlike a conventional factory style - or shore-based - application, ship-board installations present a unique set of challenges to engineers; in particular, the fact that a ship has no earth means that specially designed monitoring devices have to be chosen.

Instrinsically safe accelerometers/vibration transmitters

Other considerations that should be made on a ship are the areas of classification; for example, on an oil tanker cargo pumps often require intrinsically safe accelerometers connected via a safety barrier to the safe areas.

Within the Hansford Sensors' industrial accelerometer range, there are several products that can be used in the marine industry. The standard AC sensors (HS-100 Series) provides a 100mV/g output that can be connected back via switch/connection boxes (HS-BE) enabling a data collector to be connected.

Some applications, for example a turbocharger, require high temperature sensors (HS-105 Series) to be used and wired to a local connection box or via multi-core to a more sophisticated analytical system.

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