Paper Industry

Traditionally the paper industry has a longstanding approach to the use of vibration monitoring techniques, for preventative or predictive maintenance of a wide range of systems for the production of paper and pulp.

At Hansford Sensors we have considerable experience in the paper industry and have supplied many thousands of vibration sensors or transmitters to paper and pulp producers around the world.

Specifying vibration diagnostics

Depending on the capital available, there are several approaches that can be applied to monitor the main production machines. Online and offline readings are taken but either approach uses the same accelerometer connected back to a local junction box for an online system, or switch/connection enclosures for an offline data collector.

Within the Hansford Sensors' range of products, there are accelerometers or vibration transmitters that have been designed to suit the different conditions on paper machines. In the wet areas, we typically specify our standard AC sensors (HS-100 Series) with integrated silicon cable, which has a sealing rating of IP68. These sensors can be supplied in top or side entry and are submersible.

For the press and dryer sections we recommend using AC sensors with integrated 2 Pin MS connector (HS-100 Series), either top or side entry depending on the headroom and costs. These accelerometers require a separate mating cable assembly (HS-AC001) which can be supplied in several forms, the most popular being the silicon (HS-AC030) which is flexible, easy to install in conduit and, when fitted to the accelerometer, provides IP66 sealing.

Vibration monitoring equipment

Our family of junction/switch/connection boxes are available in a range of different materials including stainless steel, painted mild steel and polycarbonate housings. These boxes are available with a number of different channels to suit different paper machine applications.

All of our paper and pulp sensors are available with a variety of different mounting studs including a quick fit option that enables each sensor to be easily removed from the machine during maintenance. Depending on the installation, other thread options are available including M6, M8 and ¼ UNF.

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Hansford Sensors has a wealth of experience in the design and manufacturing of industrial vibration sensors or vibration transmitters for various applications and can offer technical advice on specific applications. For further advice please consult our technical team on +44 (0) 845 680 1957 or email