Hansford Sensors gears up for Europe’s prime industrial automation event

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6th November 2017
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10th November 2017

Hansford Sensors gears up for Europe’s prime industrial automation event

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A team from the Hansford Sensors office in Germany will be hosting an exhibit of the company’s new and innovative vibration measuring systems and accessories at this year’s SPS IPC show.

With some 1,600 exhibitors drawing more than 63,000 visitors to the Nuremberg exhibition complex last year, SPS IPC has become Europe’s prime event for the international industrial automation and allied equipment sectors. Hansford Sensors will be taking advantage of the opportunities afforded by the show to demonstrate a range of compact, reliable and competitively priced vibration monitors that play a vital role in the predictive maintenance routines of many of the world’s leading companies.

The focus of the exhibit will be on industrial accelerometers, particularly Hansford Sensors’ HS-420S vibration sensor. This meets high customer demand for a low profile and cost-effective industrial accelerometer that suits a wide range of applications where space and access to equipment is limited. Also on show will be the latest versions of Hansford Sensors’ proven HS-100 and HS-150 Series vibration sensors; these are smaller and lighter than the previous products, and offer even greater frequency response, with a significant improvement in resonant frequency.

Where complementary accessories are concerned, perhaps none are more important than the sensor cable/connector assembly, which must perform with utmost reliability in the most challenging of industrial environments. Hansford Sensors’ new FEP cable and connector option for its high-performance vibration sensors will be available for inspection in the booth. It can cope with the rigours of extremely demanding industrial applications, such as mining and metals processing, while tolerating operating temperatures ranging from -80°C to 200°C.

Join Hansford Sensors‘ team in Booth 4A-633 at SPS IPC Drives, which takes place in Nuremberg, Germany, 28-30 November 2017.


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