Quality Certifications
ISO 9001 ISO-9001 Certificate>>
Quality Assurance
Notification (QAN)
baseefa Certificate >>
Quality Assurance Reports (QAR)
iecexiec Certificate >>

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Product & System Certificates
IECEx / ATEX exiecexiec HS-100I Series
HS-105I Series
HS-420I and HS-422I Series
HS-420IT and HS-422IT Series
HS-ICE Series

SGS ex

Class I, II, III, Division 1, 2,
Groups A – G, T4

Certificate >>
IEC iec HS-100 Certificate >>
HS-420 Certificate 0 >>
HS-420 Certificate 1 >>
HS-420 Certificate 2 >>
GOST gost_russian Certificate >>
PESO peso HS-105I & HS-420I Series Certificate >>
HS-100I Series Certificate >>
(South African Approval)
masc HS-100I Series Certificate
HS-420I Series Certificate