Top or Side Entry Accelerometers?

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26th May 2020
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2nd July 2020

Top or Side Entry Accelerometers?

Hansford Sensors have a wide range of top and side entry accelerometers available, to help decide which is more suitable for the application please see the below useful guide.


Fig.1 The decision on whether to have top exit or side exit is dictated by the location of the accelerometer, the local topography and how best to do cable management.


Fig.2 Cable management can be an issue with top entry sensors. Looped cables can present a trip hazard. This can be somewhat mitigated by using a right angled connector on the end of the mating cable.


Fig.3 Side entry accelerometers reduces the risk of a trip hazard more.


Fig.4 It is certainly a little easier to connect a mating cable to a top entry accelerometer than a mounted side entry accelerometer. This may be a significant issue for accelerometers that are repeatedly connected and disconnected as when accelerometers are permanently mounted waiting periodic connection to a data collector.


Fig.5 Top entry accelerometers with integral cable can twist its cables when being installed unless the whole integral cable is rotated. This can be somewhat mitigated using a quick fit connector that has full engagement with 3/4 of a turn. This reduces the amount of twist.


Fig.6 Having a top entry connector negates any twisting of the cable entirely. The side exit transducer has a through hole bolt so, to install the accelerometer, no rotation is required.

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