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25th November 2020
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6th January 2021


To help collectively reduce the spread of Coronavirus COVID-19, please be aware that Hansford Sensors Group has introduced additional protocols to help assess the risks associated with our business activities.

The Group is committed to the highest levels of health and safety. As such, our Business Risk and Continuity Plan (“BRP”) is well established to address all credible and significant risks in order to protect personnel, the environment, the public and our customers in the event of an incident, however serious or widespread it may be.

Our BRP team is meeting on a daily basis to make sure all risks relating to the continuous provision of our services are mitigated.

Our focus is, as always, to protect the health of our employees, customers and our communities.

To contain the virus since the outbreak, we have taken the following actions:
 • Strictly followed government and health authority guidelines on both mandatory and self-isolation within affected areas.
 • Introduced quarantining where necessary.
 • Been in continuous dialogue with our staff to report any illness of themselves or their close family members
 • Provided additional protective equipment, including masks, gloves, sanitising equipment to our employees.
 • Trained our employees on coronavirus prevention, established a series of communications channels to promote important hygiene messages and continue to address our employee’s concerns and questions as they arise.
 • Ensured full and immediate compliance with the central and local governmental instructions. 

You can view our COVID-19 risk assessment here.

If you would like to discuss details relating to the services we provide to your business, please contact our Sales Support team on

Finally, everyone at Hansford Sensors wishes to express their best wishes towards all our customers, partners and suppliers during this time of unprecedented global crisis and remain fully committed to support your business throughout these challenging times.
Look after yourselves and be safe!

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