Hansford Sensors to champion vibration monitoring best practice at IMC 2017

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10th November 2017
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Hansford Sensors to champion vibration monitoring best practice at IMC 2017

Following a highly successful appearance last year, the Hansford Sensors team will be returning to the International Maintenance Conference (IMC) this year to champion vibration monitoring best practice.

Visitors will have the opportunity to discuss their application and condition monitoring needs with our experienced on-stand specialists. Our team will be on hand to explain how to optimise maintenance programmes through enhanced vibration monitoring, from implementation and equipment specification through installation and practice.

For those in the market for superior quality vibration monitoring technology, we’ll be showcasing a wide range of our market leading sensors and ancillary equipment. This includes accelerometers, industrial junction boxes, vibration meter kits, cables and transmitters – all of which are widely used in maintenance applications across the industrial spectrum, from pharmaceuticals to automotive.

This year’s International Maintenance Conference also features a special vibration analysis training symposium. Attendees will have the opportunity to deepen their practical knowledge of applying vibration analysis.

Commenting on IMC, Chris Hansford, managing director of Hansford Sensors, says: “Few other trade shows bring together the asset management community like IMC does. The show is full of professionals responsible for maintenance who are looking to learn how to further enhance their operations. Our team can help with exactly that.

“We’re looking forward to the show and sharing our knowledge. We can provide expert support to get up and running for attendees not currently monitoring vibration. And for those already using the technique, we’ll explain how to take it a step further for even greater reliability.”

IMC 2017 takes place in Florida on 11-15 December. Visitors will find us at booth 310 for the duration of the event.

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