Questions to ask yourself when investing in accelerometers

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20th September 2017
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25th September 2017

Questions to ask yourself when investing in accelerometers

Whether you’re new to vibration monitoring and considering which accelerometers are appropriate for your application or simply replacing existing accelerometers, making sure you select the right equipment for your requirements is critical to the effectiveness of the vibration monitoring process.

So, before you begin conversations with accelerometer suppliers, we recommend asking yourself a number of important questions to help make specification easier, while also ensuring better results. Here are our top ten:

1. What is the vibration range I need to monitor?
2. What is the vibration frequency span I need to monitor?
3. What is the temperature range in the environment I’ll be monitoring?
4. Will the accelerometer(s) come into contact with chemicals or debris?
5. Is the atmosphere hazardous/is there a risk of explosion?
6. Are there electromagnetic fields present that could affect the accelerometer(s)?
7. Could electrical noise in the environment affect the data?
8. Will the accelerometers(s) be exposed to liquid?
9. Can I/my team easily and safely access equipment to collect data?
10. Is the surface, that the accelerometer(s) is mounted on, grounded?

Armed with the answers to these questions you can work alongside an experienced specialist supplier to choose the right accelerometers for your needs.

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